Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't lifestyle photography the same thing as documentary photography? What is lifestyle photography? What is documentary photography?

In general, during a lifestyle session, you'll be posed and directed, while in a documentary session, you won't be directed at all. Different photographers may fall anywhere on the posed to unposed spectrum. I personally like the creative challenge of very strict photojournalism - I won't move things around, open shades, or turn on lights. In fact, I try to be as unobtrusive as possible. Check out this post on how I define lifestyle and documentary photography: {What is the Difference Between Lifestyle and Documentary Photography?}

Are digital files included?

Digital files are not included, but are available for purchase.

 Are you willing to travel?

Yes please! Contact me and we'll work out the travel fees, depending on distance.

Do you photograph births?

I have photographed births in the past and loved the experience, but currently I am not able to be on-call to shoot births. I do offer Fresh 48 sessions, though! These are documentary sessions held at the hospital or at home within the first 48 hours of birth.

Do you offer vacation sessions?

Um, YES! Please take me to Disneyland with you!

Can we just do a shorter Day In The Life session? A whole day seems so long! I don't think we really need that many pictures.

The nature of documentary photography is that the longer we're together, the better the pictures become! I've found it can take at least a few hours before a family starts to "forget" that I'm with them. My best work usually happens in the last couple hours of a whole day session, when you're totally comfy in front of the camera, and you're too tired to try to be anyone but your real selves, and I would hate for you to miss out on those moments. I like to do a minimum of 8 hours for a Day In The Life Session.

I'm worried my family is too boring for a Day In The Life Session. What will we do all day?

This is such a common concern! A Day In The Life is just that - a regular day in your family's life. Do whatever you would normally be doing. I promise it's not about what you actually do as much as it's about the little in-between moments spent together. Every family is unique and has their own special quirks and routines. I will be with you from morning to bedtime and I truly enjoy every minute of it. I will patiently wait for the funny, weird, intimate, and interesting moments. I can't wait to show you what your life looks like from an outside perspective. When you're doing the same things everyday, it seems boring to you, but when you see your photos I know you'll be blown away.


Christine offers in-home  documentary family photography in Overland Park, Kansas.