screw perfection. your family has stories to tell.

Isn't it time for family photos that say, "we're awesome, just the way we are!" Documentary sessions are fun and relaxed, resulting in photos that show personality and preserve real stories. No worries about faking it for the camera. No holding your breath hoping the kids will be good. My approach is to help you feel just as comfortable as if the camera wasn't there. All you need to do is be yourselves.

“Christine is amazing!! She did a a day-in-the-life shoot for us and was able to capture some really great moments. She stayed with us for a few hours one night and took pictures of us making dinner, baking cookies, taking baths, and reading books before bed. It was just our normal family routine but when she turned it in to some truly magical pictures that I will cherish forever. I would highly recommend her!” – CB

“Christine has an amazing eye for capturing all the little details that make up a family. I am in love with the pictures she shot of our family. With how fast my son is growing and changing, it’s so nice to have some candid photos of this stage in his life. Plus her work is just gorgeous! I highly recommend Christine…She really has a unique perspective and the pictures she takes are priceless.” – MH

“Christine was so easy to work with! Her photos captured the essence of our family and I couldn’t imagine them being any better or different!” – KP

“Christine is the best! She made our whole session so comfortable and enjoyable. Her work is beyond amazing. My poor little mama heart explodes every time I look back at the photos and video she took of my family!! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone, and I can’t wait to book another session with her.” – MT

"We did absolutely nothing when Christine shot for my family. It was just an ordinary evening. My kids played. I made dinner. And yet, she made my family look like natural models in an high-end magazine. We didn't pose for one shot. Her attention to detail and an eye for art are what make her one of the best photographers I've worked with. I have snapshots of memories I would have never remembered on our ordinary day." - JB
"Christine spent 8 hours with us documenting our day. and OH MY WORD. I am so in love with my family and these photos. There are many times that stress takes over and I quickly forget how blessed I truly am to have such a loving family who is healthy and home with me. It's easy to get wrapped up in the hurry of life but these images have helped me to slow down and truly cherish the everyday moments more! Yes, I see imperfections in myself, little flaws I'm sure other people don't see but what I see most is the happiness and love within my family. The love between a husband and wife, the love of a mama and dada and the unconditional love of a little boy who sees nothing but heroes when he looks at his parents. <3#Trulyblessed We went to the store, colored, played choo choos, made banana bread, played baseball, ate burgers and watermelon, played outside more, took a walk, went out for ice cream, played more, relaxed on the couch, brushed teeth, read books, and passed out. Thank you Christine - These are photos and memories that will fill our home for a long while ... or until our next session with you!" - ARF
"I have stalked Christine's pictures for awhile LOVING how authentic and beautiful they are. However when it came to having a session of my own i was very reluctant. I worried will she judge me? What if I parent too harsh? What if I'm too easy on my kids? What if she thinks we are messy or hates our food or its just awkward!? But all of my worries melted away as soon as I met Christine! She came over around noon and left at 8 pm. she literally spent ALL day with me and my two tikes! I never felt awkward or like she was judging me. IN FACT I felt quite the opposite! Christine and I clicked right away. She was easy to talk to and never seemed bored with our day to day! She was so playful and sweet with my 2 year old and completely understanding when my one year old had a total meltdown! And the pictures? Well they are beyond words, phenomenal! She captured the most precious moments I never even THOUGHT to take pictures of before. And when I look at them I really treasure how precious my family is. Christine is a talented artist. I would recommend her to everyone!" - AL